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Electronic Cigarette – Will it Help People Stop the Bad Habit of Smoking?

Ever since cigarettes and tobacco smoking has been introduced in the market, the vast majority of individuals have become aware that smoking may cause a lot of harmful effects towards the body. As years pass by, more people become fully aware on all the other dangers it can bring, not just to the body but also to the environment and the people around us.

Considering that public awareness is vast and many individuals have started taking these dangers and warnings seriously, different ‘quit smoking’ devices and products started to dominate the market. You’ll find nicotine patches, gums and, of course, the most popular electronic cigarette.

Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes

Also known as e-cig or e-cigarette, this is considered to be one of the most effective solutions to help people stop the bad habit of smoking. If you’re a smoker, you’re aware that no matter how much you wanted to stop the bad habit, you’re already addicted to nicotine, and getting rid of it can’t be done easily.

While nicotine patches and gums may help individuals receive the nicotine that they’ve been longing for, some smokers still miss the habit of puffing itself, which is why some smokers return to the bad habit of smoking after some time.

On the other hand, an electronic cigarette gives smokers the exact sensation of smoking. It actually mimics a real cigarette, but the only difference is that an e-cig omits vapor and real cigarettes omits carbon dioxide. Since an e-cig doesn’t have smoke that can damage the environment and affect the people around you, it can be used even in closed spaces, where cigarette smoking is usually not allowed.

What makes it an effective device to help people quit the bad habit of smoking? Since many people miss the “act” of inhaling or puffing something, an e-cig is a perfect alternative to do so, which allows everyone to feel like they’re smoking, without all the harmful chemicals that’re associated with smoking. As smokers get used to the reduced nicotine content, they can gradually reduce the strength until their body is completely nicotine free and can live a cigarette-free life.


Just like the real cigarette, e-smokers, or what they also call as “vapers” can choose from a wide variety of e-juice or flavors to come along with their electronic cigarette. This makes this device more effective in helping people stop the bad habit of smoking.

E-juices, cartridges and flavors come in different nicotine levels. Some have 0% nicotine, some may have low, medium and high nicotine level content. It is up to the smoker to decide which one to use.

Usually, heavy smokers start with juices with high nicotine level, then gradually go down as soon as their body gets accustomed with it. It has been found out that this method is more effective than trying to minimize the number of real cigarette sticks to help one quit the bad habit of smoking.


As compared to real cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are definitely cheaper. This makes it a perfect alternative to those who wanted to stop the bad habit of smoking and continue living a healthy life without having to spend a lot of money just to help them quit the bad habit.

Being able to stop the bad habit of smoking can be difficult for a large group of individuals, but this doesn’t mean that you have to remain a smoker for the rest of your life. An electronic cigarette may be the only thing that you need to help you stop the bad habit, and it’s probably the perfect time to get a set for yourself.